Valet Files

Site Valet Files

File Structure

Site Valet supplies the following files, which should be installed at a selected system directory, which must be exported to the programs as an environment variable $VALET_BASE. On most systems a suitable values of VALET_BASE would be /usr/local/valet, but variants such as /opt/valet may be appropriate alternatives.

Client Program

The only user-level program is the Valet GUI Client, which is supplied as $VALET_BASE/bin/valet.

System Binaries

System binaries are those Valet programs which should be configured by the systems administrator to run periodically or at system boot time. These are supplied in $VALET_BASE/sbin.

Agent Programs

The Site Valet Agent programs extend the main daemon, and are responsible for the actual spidering and analysis functions. Because they are supervised by valetd and are not directly the responsibility of the system administrator, they are supplied in $VALET_BASE/libexec.


Dynamically linked libraries are supplied in $VALET_BASE/lib. These are linked into the Site Valet programs, and are therefore dependencies.

Documentation & Help

Documentation and Help files are supplied in $VALET_BASE/docs. They are required by the Help menu in the Valet Client, and the Help buttons in each of the Valet windows.

Site Valet Workspace

The Site Valet daemons require a workspace for URLs being analysed. URLs of supported MIMETypes are fetched to the workspace by GetAgent and stored as files for processing by LinkAgent, ParseAgent, AccessAgent and the appropriate validation agent.

The workspace is specified in the Valet General configuration. Note that changing it may have unintended consequences. If you ever do change it, the contents should be (recursively) copied to the new location.

The Valet workspace should be owned by the valetd user, who will need read and write permissions. A suitable value for the Valet workspace on most systems would be /var/spool/valet.

Disc space considerations

Disc space requirements are highest when a new site has been added in the domains, as all URLs of supported MIMETypes are then fetched and analysed. At other times only pages that have been modified since the spider's last visit (as ascertained by HeadAgent) are fetched, so requirements are in general much lower.

The workspace is periodically cleaned up by the PurgeCache script, one of Valet's periodic jobs.


Ownership of the Valet files is unimportant (except in that they should be protected from accidental or malicious damage by system users). They can be owned by root.

The system programs ($VALET_BASE/sbin and $VALET_BASE/libexec) should always be run as a dedicated valet system user. It is possible to do this while nevertheless allowing normal users to start/stop the daemon by having valetd owned by the valet user as a setuid binary (permissions 4555). Please don't try this unless you fully understand setuid programs!

The workspace must be both readable and writable by the valet user, but can be protected from other system users.