URL http://valet.webthing.com/access/problems.html
Assessed by Nick Kew
Guidelines WCAG-AAA
Date Mon Oct 28 01:40:49 2002
Level 1 Result Probable fail - check warnings
Level 2 Result Fail
Conclusion Repair work identified

Accessibility Warnings

Accessibility Warnings are generated by automatic analysis in the Level 1 report, and examined by a human assessor to generate this Level 2 report on the page.

Warning Status Comment
Ensure scripting events are device-independent Guideline Satisfied Events are null
Should this be a header? Action Required Change to H1
Document should identify language. Action Required Use <html lang="en">
Provide metadata to add semantic information to pages. Action Required Add accessibility report. Use sitewide template.
Create keyboard shortcuts and/or a logical tab order between controls. Not Applicable Controls are fine.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

If you selected the Long Report option with WCAG, the Level 2 report invites you to check individual guidelines in addition to the warnings generated by automatic checks.

Guideline Status Comment
1: Provide equivalent alternatives to auditory and visual content Not Applicable No such content
2: Don't rely on colour alone Guideline Satisfied Colour not used.
3: Use markup and style sheets and do so properly Guideline Satisfied Repairs identified
4: Clarify natural language usage Guideline Satisfied Repairs identified
5: Create tables that transform gracefully Not Applicable No tables
6: Ensure that new technologies transform gracefully Guideline Satisfied Javascript handlers do nothing
7: Ensure user control of time-sensitive changes Not Applicable Static
8: Ensure accessibility of embedded interfaces Not Applicable -
9: Design for device-independence Guideline Satisfied See above
10: Use interim solutions Not Applicable page is 100% back-compatible
11: Use W3C technologies and guidelines Guideline Satisfied Valid HTML Strict
12: Provide context and orientation Guideline Satisfied Context is simple and explained in text
13: Provide clear navigation mechanisms Guideline Set Aside Site Navigation would add complexity to reports
14: Ensure documents are clear and simple Guideline Satisfied IMO