Site Valet Web Components

Not currently available (awaiting upgrade to work with Apache 2.2).

This shows the Reporting, Administration and Audit WebComponent of Site Valet. Reporting offers six functions: Sitemap and Browse, together with four query forms for Validity, Accessibility, Links and Metadata. Administration offers configuration options and log files. Audit enables you to perform accessibility audits online. Web-based control of the spider is not supported.

Reporting Options

Lists all URLs at a domain alphabetically. Shows titles of HTML and XHTML documents.
Shows a detailed report on a single page. Enables browsing links to or from the page, and limited instant report options.
Query a site for invalid markup. Report lists pages with links for instant online validation and browse.
Query a site for accessibility status. Report lists pages with links for instant AccessValet reports. Entering your own assessment is enabled if you have Site Valet 2.0 (using as the publishing URL in the configuration), or using the Audit Web Component (from a query results or browse page).
Enables you to query the HTML links from a site.
Enables you to query HTML META and LINK elements.