A few Testimonials

Site Valet and WebThing's wide range of Quality Assurance Tools have set the standard to aspire to. Very impressive work, from a very impressive company. - Terje Bless, lead developer of the W3C Validator.

Outstanding tools by someone who cares about accessibility, and promotes it in a concrete way. The tools are much better than anything else I've seen. - Prof. Jamie Blustein, Dalhousie University.

We have deployed WebThing's Valet technology on corporate sites to provide instant, automated checks and reports on consistency, quality and conformance, and are very satisfied with the results. - Simon Brooke, Weft Technology Ltd.

I've always liked SP's parse tree, but I was never going to convince the staff to use W3C's version. The new Page Valet is very easy on the eye, whilst keeping the [X|SG]ML correctness we'd expect from WebThing. Great. - Calum I Mac Leod, Bordernet Ltd.

The absolute best real validator I know of. Nothing bad said about Gerald, Terje and their W3 Validator, it works as it is supposed to do. But as always, things can be made better from the users standpoint, and that is what Nick has spent time on. His online tools are all worth a visit, and high marks for quality. - Jan Roland Eriksson, CSS Pointers Group.