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Tidy Online

Tidy Online is a Web-enabled version of Tidy, a utility originally by Dave Raggett and now developed at SourceForge, to clean up and fix errors in HTML pages. This offers you the opportunity to upload your HTML, and will print out a tidied version.

Tidy Online is not a Site Valet core tool, but is offered as an additional service to our users.

When to use Tidy?

Tidy is most useful as a first-pass for helping to fix bad HTML. It is highly recommended for when you have to deal with a truly awful mess. As a secondary benefit, it issues a number useful diagnostics that can help you fix a page yourself.

Tidy is not a validator. It is not a substitute for Page Valet to verify that your code meets W3C standards. Neither is it a substitute for AccessValet to carry out a detailed accessibility analysis. But it usefully complements both these tools.

The output generated by Tidy Online should be correct, but comes with no guarantees. For users with more demanding requirements, Code Valet offers more rigorous processing.

Report Options

Tidy Online will print either just pure tidied code, or a full report including your original code, the tidied code, and what Tidy thinks you should do to improve your code.