Site Valet Developer Tools


Page Valet 4 offers the most comprehensive and accurate markup validation service anywhere on the net. It merges our previous native XML Validator into the Page Valet service.

Originally based on the WDG Validator, Page Valet moved ahead of both that and the W3 Validator in July 2001, when Version 2 incorporated XML Reporting. Version 3 introduced the Visual Validator in November 2001, followed by accessibility analysis options (subsequently developed into a separate AccessValet product), and in 2002 we also introduced a separate XML validator.

Page Valet 4 combines the previous validators in a single service, and offers a choice of visual and traditional report formats. It also offers major performance improvements over earlier versions and other validators.


Validator-Lite is a simple, lightweight desktop validator available for free download.

Accessibility Checking

Accessibility Valet is now the first choice of tools for accessibility testing to the WCAG and US Government Section 508 standards for HTML 4 and XHTML 1.

Link Checking

Link Valet is an online link checker that will recursively spider a site and report broken, redirected or updated links.

Diagnostics for Forms, Scripts and HTTP

cg-eye evolved from the 1996 Header Dumper, an online diagnostic tool for HTTP transactions that was particularly useful for debugging and testing server-side scripts. cg-eye itself was launched in 1997 by adding two further tools: an offline debugger specifically for CGI, and a diagnostic HTTP Client for general-purpose analysis of HTTP transactions.

Markup Analysis and Processing

In addition to validation, we offer several further tools for markup analysis and processing. Code Valet is a complete online implementation of OpenSP, the most recent version of the SP parser used in all the online validators (including ours), and is a suite of power tools for expert users. Tidy Online is a simpler, less rigorous but nevertheless powerful and useful tool. Today, both Page Valet and Accessibility Valet offer the strongest visualisation of document structure.


Originally, all Site Valet tools generated reports as HTML. This is of course appropriate to a Web-based service, but is also limiting.

More recently, we have moved to XML as primary report format. This offers more flexibility, as we can post-process to other formats (including of course HTML) with XSLT. Since implementing XML Messages for OpenSP, we have been able to implement several new tools including the Visual Validator, a WCAG checking tool, a Validation Browser Plugin for MSIE, and a validator option generating EARL output.

By using XML as our internal format, we intend eventually to offer users a choice of XML, HTML, EARL or Plain Text for all reports.

Experimental Tools

At any time, there will be a few experimental tools running at Site Valet. These will typically be announced on relevant developer lists, but not linked from here until they are deemed reasonably stable.